The 2016 All Island Art Show

This past Friday, the 2016 All Island Art Show was hosted in the Haida Heritage Centre and Haida Gwaii Museum. All 4,800 of us know that an island-wide event is a big deal and a must to attend. It’s right up there with the Edge of the World Music Festival and the Kay Anniversary! (wink wink).

Our Welcome House can be a place of many moods, and on this particular evening it was a calm, dim lit room with tables of beautifully placed hors d’oeuvres and sparkling fruit punch. Down the hall in Gallery #1, the Art Show was buzzing with local artists and art admirers alike. Allison Smith, part of the amazing Art Show team and Haida Gwaii Community Futures, answered a couple questions for me about the process of putting together this event.

Ok, this picture obviously doesn’t match my description, but taking photos above everyone on opening night was tougher than I thought.

 The show began 26 years ago, first founded by locals Kathy Pick and Fran Fowler. The initial start of the show was to give local artists a chance to display their work to the community. Last year, there were roughly 50 artists who submitted pieces. This year, 72 artists of various styles and mediums entered their chosen craft. Some have been entering for years, and for others it’s their first time being in an art show. This year I noticed a significant increase in Haida art and textiles, both apprentices and masters taking the opportunity to represent their personal styles.

Here are some of the Haida art submissions:

Untitled, By Erika Yahgujaanas


Eagle and Raven Fusion, By Robert Vogstad


Kwa tsístaá, By Xyáahl guúláas (Colleen Williams)


Kaagan Jaad (Mouse Woman), By Shoshannah Greene


Jahlk’ii, By Jay Bellis


Forest Meets Ocean, By Marlene Liddle


Nirvana, By Captain Stewart-Burton


Repousse Moon Woman, By William Bellis

It can be daunting to set up a show such as this, as Allison says you don’t know what kind of art to expect until the day it’s submitted. A lot of the art is island-inspired and ranges from landscape paintings to sculptures made of driftwood collected from our beaches. Placing the pieces in a way that displays its true beauty is tough in a limited space, and I really commend the team behind the scenes who did their best to make everyone happy!

Here are a few more awesome pieces:

Experimenting With Watercolour/Experimenting With Salmon, By Lindsay Galbraith


North Coast Snow Shoe, By Sandra Kennedy


No Ferry Today, By Angela Ransom


Sunrise in Tanu, By Delores Davis


Haida Gwaii Heartbeat, By Maryanne Wettlaufer


Tow Hill Reflections, By Roberta Kennedy



I’m amazed at all the different types of artists in our community. Regardless of style, medium, or experience, everyone’s art seemed to come from a place of common love and appreciation for Haida Gwaii and that’s what makes it beautiful.

The show will be up until March 19th, so don’t wait to stop by! If you would like to purchase a piece, please visit the Haida Gwaii Museum Gift Shop for more details. (Not all pieces are for sale). There will also be various presentations and workshops related to the show, all happening here at the Haida Heritage Centre. If you have any questions, contact Allison at  or call 250-637-1550

Haawa for reading and supporting local artists!


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