Coming Up at HHC!

Sii.ngaay ‘laa! Good day! It’s starting to feel like summer here on Haida Gwaii, the sun is out, the whales are dancing in the inlet, and the sk‘awGan (salmon berries) are starting to appear on the bushes!

My apologies for not posting recently, but preparing for our summer season takes a bit of extra elbow-grease. I thought I would update you on what’s been happening. Firstly I think you should know that last week I officially became the Front Desk Supervisor! This was such an exciting moment for me and I’m honoured to be a part of the team. This new role has kept me quite busy lately with scheduling staff, organizing and booking events, private tours, even preparing for a TV show filming! I’m also working on a few Haida Language-related projects that I will reveal later on.

Our visitors seem to be coming earlier and earlier. Last year around this time we were just starting to get a frequent flow of visitors, but this year we had whole families visiting as early as the beginning of March! This month is jam-packed with private tours, as we do not offer daily tours until June. We just completed our first set of tours with the National Geographic/Linblad Expeditions groups. They come in large groups of nearly 50 people, all from different parts of the world. Their ship has left the dock almost as quickly as it came and we won’t see it again until September.

Schools are starting to visit! Our first group was from Sk’aadgaa Naay, the elementary school here in Skidegate. The Grade One class came to learn more about Haida Longhouses, and create their own mini versions using popsicle sticks and plasticine. They had awesome questions to ask and were great listeners!

Yesterday we had a grade twelve class from MicDolly! (A name Haidas had used to refer to Victoria, BC during trade ). With about 30 students and only a few chaperones, I started to worry a little about keeping their attention, but they were amazing listeners! They asked  so many questions about our clan systems and traditions and above all, were super respectful- something very important to us as Cultural Ambassadors!

Our biggest event to plan for this year will be of course, the Kay Anniversary! This is the 8th year that we will be hosting the event and the date has officially been set for AUGUST 20th, 2016! This all day event includes kids games, Haida Language games, amazing local food vendors, and of course, Haida singing and dancing!

If you’d like to keep up with more of the daily fun here at HHC, check out our SnapChat account: haidaheritage

 We’ve been whale watching from the front desk nearly every day this month. So if you’re visiting soon, bring some sunscreen and keep your cameras ready!

Stay tuned!


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