If you have noticed, this blog hasn’t been very active since the 3rd annual Kay Christmas. But don’t worry, as the new front desk staff I am working on new content for this blog and other social media with not just focusing on the Haida Heritage Centre, but Haida Gwaii as a whole.

“The Haida Heritage Centre is a place for the Haida voice to be heard. This is our gift to the world.”

With this from the Haida Heritage Centre Mission Statement, we shouldn’t be just focusing on the events that happen here at the centre. It should be a focus on the past, present and future of the Haida people and the land that is Haida Gwaii.

Let me introduce myself first, I am from the Yahgulaanas Raven Clan from Masset. My Haida name is Gaad Gas, which has no translation, and my name English name is Raven. I grew up in Port Clements, but have been living in Skidegate that past 4 years. I sadly don’t know Xaayda Kil (Haida langauge) fluently, but am learning more and more words with a hope to be able to speak it in the future. I am constantly learning more about myself and my culture everyday like the saying Sing ‘waadluxan gud gina sk’aadga gii gang, which translates to learn something new everyday. My knowledge comes from listening to others, reading books, and the information I was provided from my jobs.

I have a diploma in Recreation and Sports Management and an Event Management Certificate from Vancouver Island University which I received this June of 2017. Before this, I participated and completed the first pilot project of the Aboriginal Ecotourism Training Program in 2014/15 which was in partnership with the Heiltsuk Tribal Council, Vancouver Island University and North Island College. The program took me to Bella Bella (Heiltsuk territory), Klemtu (Kitasoo/Xai’xais territory), Tofino (Tla-o-qui-aht territory), Alert Bay (Kwakwaka’wakw territory), and Powell River/Lund (Tla’amin territory). Then before this I was in high school. I have worked at the Haida Heritage Centre for the summer season of 2017/16, before this I worked as a Watchmen down in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve for the summer season of 2014/15 at the Watchmen sites SGang Gwaay (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), T’aanuu and Hlk’yah GawGa (Windy Bay).

Now back to the content. I will try and cover the events that do happen here at the Haida Heritage Centre, as we are approaching our 4th Annual Kay Christmas, but will also try and cover other events that I attend around the community. Some of the other content I have is the top visitor sites on Haida Gwaii and give the past, present and maybe the future of the sites from a local Haida perspective.  I will also like to cover about the Haida people from their daily lives, warfare, trading and how we adapted over the years from our oral stories to current life, and what I hope for the future.

Thankfully with the Haida Heritage Centre being connected to the Haida Gwaii Museum, I will have the ability to use the archives in the Museum to be able to get the correct information, as many websites I’ve seen about Haidas are incorrect. But I will specify where each information comes from, cause even clans have similar stories but they vary in how it happens and the outcome of it.

If there is anything else you’d like me to cover, feel free to contact me by email at haidaheritagecentre@gmail.com.

Haaw’a (Thank You),

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  1. Wendy gordon says:

    So glad to see this blogpost up and running again. Congratulations on the new job and look forward to your posts on both the museum and the cultural heritage of Haida Gwai.


    1. Thank you for the kind words Wendy!


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