Haida Gwaii Winter in Tow Hill

Did you know you could surf on Haida Gwaii? Of course its not Hawaii, where you just need a surf board and a bathing suit. Our best surf is during our winter months towards the Tow Hill area. Due to the fall and winter season on Haida Gwaii being very stormy, you can catch some decent waves. You’ll need to become full seal though; with … Continue reading Haida Gwaii Winter in Tow Hill

Recap of the 2017 Summer Season

Here on Haida Gwaii, we were very fortunate of having a very rainy summer. Though some of us could complain about that, we just wish we could have shared it to the other parts of British Columbia that needed it. But it didn’t stop the visitors from coming to Haida Gwaii and our centre! We aren’t at the end of the year yet, and we … Continue reading Recap of the 2017 Summer Season

Ḵay Christmas

Our third Kay Christmas event has already come and gone, but it was definitely one to remember! About a week prior to Kay Christmas, we had a 20ft tree delivered. (Hawaa to the Skidegate Volunteer Fire Dept!) And thank goodness we have such a high ceiling in the Stlaay Daw Naay (Welcome House). Decorating it took few days, with help from the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Students, … Continue reading Ḵay Christmas

Paddling the Canoe-Two by Two!

  Each year the Haida Heritage Centre staff organize and monitor the Canoe Races during the annual Skidegate Days celebrations. We supply waiver forms, PFD’s, paddles, and of course, the canoe! Many local teams will sign up, but we always have visitors in town who are eager to give it a try and have some fun. In order for this event to smoothly and safely … Continue reading Paddling the Canoe-Two by Two!

Get to Know Our Staff!

 Sii.ngaay ‘laa! Good day! As of next Wednesday, June 1st, we will be giving daily tours included with your admission into the Museum. At 11am, we begin our Pole Tour outside, and at 2:30 we have our Weaving Tour in the Museum exhibit. If you plan on attending these tours, you’ll get to meet and learn from one of our fabulous Cultural Ambassadors! These summer employees … Continue reading Get to Know Our Staff!

Coming Up at HHC!

Sii.ngaay ‘laa! Good day! It’s starting to feel like summer here on Haida Gwaii, the sun is out, the whales are dancing in the inlet, and the sk‘awGan (salmon berries) are starting to appear on the bushes! My apologies for not posting recently, but preparing for our summer season takes a bit of extra elbow-grease. I thought I would update you on what’s been happening. Firstly … Continue reading Coming Up at HHC!

The 2016 All Island Art Show

This past Friday, the 2016 All Island Art Show was hosted in the Haida Heritage Centre and Haida Gwaii Museum. All 4,800 of us know that an island-wide event is a big deal and a must to attend. It’s right up there with the Edge of the World Music Festival and the Kay Anniversary! (wink wink). Our Welcome House can be a place of many moods, and on this … Continue reading The 2016 All Island Art Show

What it’s Like to Speak an Endangered Language

What language do you speak? Is it your native language? Is it your second language? There are fifty-two Aboriginal languages in Canada. Seems like a lot, but this means that only 11% of the remaining Aboriginal groups still speak their language. Almost all of these languages are endangered. Haida history itself is an oral culture and would not have survived without our K̲’aygang.nga LlG̲aayG̲a (professional … Continue reading What it’s Like to Speak an Endangered Language

K̲ay Llnagaay- Sealion Town

Welcome to the new Haida Heritage Centre blog! I thought the best way to kick off this blog would be to write about the history of this very piece of land. K̲ay Llnagaay (kye-ll-nah-guy), which translates to “Sealion Town” in X̲aayda Kil, is a traditional village site of the K̲ayahl ‘Laanas Ts’aahl clan. If you’ve read the “about” section of this blog, you’ll know that … Continue reading K̲ay Llnagaay- Sealion Town