Ḵay Christmas

Our third Kay Christmas event has already come and gone, but it was definitely one to remember! About a week prior to Kay Christmas, we had a 20ft tree delivered. (Hawaa to the Skidegate Volunteer Fire Dept!) And thank goodness we have such a high ceiling in the Stlaay Daw Naay (Welcome House). Decorating it took few days, with help from the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Students, … Continue reading Ḵay Christmas

Paddling the Canoe-Two by Two!

  Each year the Haida Heritage Centre staff organize and monitor the Canoe Races during the annual Skidegate Days celebrations. We supply waiver forms, PFD’s, paddles, and of course, the canoe! Many local teams will sign up, but we always have visitors in town who are eager to give it a try and have some fun. In order for this event to smoothly and safely … Continue reading Paddling the Canoe-Two by Two!