Sii.ngaay ‘laa! SGaana Gaahlandaay han.nuu dii kiiG̲a ga. Wagyen yaats xaayda kihl gii Alix Goetzinger. Kayahl ‘Laanaas Ts’aahl ad uu kiiG̲awa ga.

Good day! My name is SGaana Gaahlandaay, (Spirit of the Killerwhale). My english name is Alix Goetzinger. I come from the Kayahl ‘Laanas Ts’aahl Eagle clan.

I’m the Supervisor & a Cultural Ambassador for the Haida Heritage Centre, traditional dancer, singer, and Haida Language enthusiast! I hope that through this blog I can open up more conversation about Haida culture, update the world about all the amazing things that happen in our centre, and answer any questions you may have. So if you’re not from Haida Gwaii, I hope this encourages you to come visit and learn! If you are from here, I hope this blog makes you proud.

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The lovely cover photo of this blog was taken by one of my favourite local photographers, Mary Helmer. Haaw’a Mary : )


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