Haida Gwaii Trip Planning

It is coming up to the new year and you are hoping this year you’ll be able to check a task of your list

  • Visit Haida Gwaii!

With this post, I hope I can help make that dream a little bit easier to make true.

How to get to Haida Gwaii

There are two options to choose from, ferry or plane.

If you are able to drive to Prince Rupert or live in Prince Rupert, you can hop on BC Ferries and go to Skidegate Landing. Once you get off the ferry at Skidegate Landing, you are located in between Queen Charlotte and Skidegate. If you go to the right, you’ll head towards Skidegate, to the left is Queen Charlotte. Depending where your accommodations are or where you want to go first, its your choice.

There is two options for the plane, you can fly into Masset or to Sandspit. The flights flying into Masset is Pacific Coastal, they fly out of the Vancouver South Terminal. In Sandspit it is Air Canada. If you also fly into Sandspit, there is a airport shuttle to Alliford Bay where you will have to hop onto a smaller ferry to Skidegate Landing, unless you’d like to explore around Sandspit.

How much is this going to cost?

If you are taking the 5-7 hour ferry from Prince Rupert to Skidegate Landing it costs:


For the roughly 2 hour flight to Haida Gwaii, flights vary in prices depending on when you book them, if there are seat sales and which end of the island you’d like to be at.

Where to go and what to do?

There are many land, sea, and people to visit when on Haida Gwaii. Each place is unique in their own way. I will start from the North end to the South end and try to cover as much as possible.

Tow Hill

  • Hike up Tow Hill
  • Time the tides right and see the Blow Hole in full force
  • See the new “Totem in the Forest” carved by Master Christian White
  • Go crabbing on North Beach
  • Hike the East Beach Trail or to Rose Spit
  • Visit the Haida Canoe
  • Get a cabin at the Hiellen Longhouse Village
  • Catch a wave on North Beach
  • Look for agates at Agate Beach


  • Check out the surf gear at North Beach Surf Shop
  • Explore the Delkatla Bird Sanctuary
  • Learn at the Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum
  • Hire a fishing charter
  • Grab a bite to eat at the restaurants
  • Attend Harbour Days
  • Visit the Masset Visitors Centre

Old Massett

  • Find the monumental poles
  • Explore treasures at Sarahs Gift Shop and Gin Kuyaas
  • Eat at Sherris Bar and Grill

Port Clements

  • Catch a sunset at the Rainbow Wharf
  • Attend the Canada Day Festivities
  • Visit the golden spruce seedling or go to the golden spruce trail
  • Visit the Port Clements Museum and see the white raven
  • Shop in Bayview Market


  • Look at art and crystals at Sitka Studio and Crystal Cabin
  • Explore the beaches
  • Hike to the Pesuta “Shipwreck”
  • Have a coffee at the Crows Nest
  • Fish for coho on the Tlell River
  • Stay or have dinner at the Haida House


  • See Balance Rock
  • Have a traditional dinner at Kenwaiis Kitchen
  • Visit the Haida Heritage Centre
  • Attend an orientation to go to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve
  • Look for monumental poles
  • Shop at the Haida Gwaii Museum Trading House and Longhouse Giftshop
  • Stay or have a coffee at Jags Beanstalk
  • Race a canoe during Skidegate Days

Queen Charlotte

  • Hire a fishing charter and fish the West Coast of Haida Gwaii
  • Explore the shops
  • Visit the Queen Charlotte Visitors Centre
  • Walk the waterfront
  • Meet up with Haida Style expeditions and go down to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

If you need anymore help, check out the new winter edition Haida Gwaii Trip Planner called Tadswii’ or check out Go Haida Gwaii website!


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